Life Insurance

Life Insurance is such a special, special, product.  Miraculous, frankly.

Life Insurance covers the financial risk of death.  It guards against the total destruction of a family’s finances upon the death of a head of household or spouse by replacing the value of a person’s future income stream and/or paying funeral and estate costs.  Life Insurance is not just a figure on a piece of paper.  Life Insurance offers food, continued education to your children, housing for the family, heat and other necessities of living. All of the things those you love, count on you for today.  Correct planning is essential before the need arises.

Pick up the Wall Street Journal or listen to the radio and you will hear about Term Life Insurance. This is where you buy coverage for a period of time (term) and then the policy expires. The more healthy you are and the better your lifestyle, the lower the rate.

For those of us with health issues or may be a person that smokes, for instance, IB&C has access to insurance companies that concentrate on covering such individuals.

There are other types of policies that can cover you for a lifetime such as Universal and Whole Life.

Life Insurance can also be used in Business Settings such as Buy-Sell, Stock Redemption, Section 162 Executive Bonus and Estate Planning notions.

IB&C Insurance is particularly experienced in Life Insurance applications.