Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your peace of mind. Your bastion of comfort and well being. Therefore, insuring that peace of mind continues is what IB&C can help you do.

Homeowners policies are chock full of benefits. They can protect you against an unfortunate accident that may leave you liable such as a dog biting a guest or visitor. (MSN cites dog biting as responsible for one third of liability claims with an average cost of $27,000.)

Maybe that visitor slips on a stair. Did you know it is possible for a child to hover 30 feet above a trampoline! Do you have a pool? Proper liability coverage can ease your worries.

What if you have a fire or other serious cause of loss? The value of replacing your home along with the contents within it is another vital benefit. Loss of use and living expense benefits take hold so as to make a difficult time easier.

IB&C Insurance can offer you several outstanding carriers to choose from. Many companies offer discounts when you combine your Automobile coverage with a Homeowners policy. If you live in a Mobile or Modular Home we can help there too.

Some properties may have had a claim in the recent past or perhaps be in a forest or brush area. We have companies ready to insure you.

May we strongly suggest you purchase an Umbrella Liability policy in addition to any Insurance program you may currently have.