Employee Benefits Insurance

Your employees are the most valuable asset you have.  You count on them to implement your business culture.

How swell would it be to have choices of HMO, PPO and HSA options to best fit each employee.  Full flexibility and options once a year.  IB&C excels in such service.  From one on one contact with employees to follow up on questions throughout the year.

The Affordable Care Act and its “Reforms” are in full swing and then sometimes, not.  We have the staff and knowledege to keep you informed and ahead of the game.

IB&C Insurance has a complete Employee Benefits Department administering to over 150 Groups in California. We offer experienced knowledge in Group Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Long and/or Short Term Disability.

As an employer the value of Group coverage cannot be underestimated and should be approached prudently. IB&C Insurance will offer a analysis of the quality policies available in your area for you and your employees.