Insurance for Breweries

If you run a brewery then you’ve got risk. You’ll need the right insurance package to mitigate that risk so you can keep doing what you love: crafting amazing beer for your customers.

Examples of these risks include:

  • Contamination that ruins your beer
  • Beer leakage
  • Losing beer in transit, also known as property in transit
  • Ruined crops, for farm breweries
  • Theft
  • Injuries on your premises
  • Employee misbehavior
  • Liquor liability laws that can leave you exposed
  • Equipment breakdowns

These risks are just the tip of the iceberg. Any one of them could mean lost profits, massive lawsuits, and a huge drain on your savings. It could even mean an end to your brewery. The average microbrewery or craft brewery just doesn’t have the profit margins to absorb major events without insurance coverage.

Why do business with us?

Because we have 35 years of experience and know your industry, we can help your brewery or brewing company get the coverage you need to stay in business. IB&C is even a member of the California Craft Brewers Association. We care about you and we care about what ultimately happens to your brewery, taproom, or craft beer bar.

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Property & Liability Insurance

A packaged deal. Get reimbursed if someone breaks into your brewery and steals your product or equipment. Get protection from fires and other disasters. This type of insurance even protects you if your compressors, pumps, or electrical panels break down.

Make sure you’re covered if someone falls off a barstool or gets injured while taking a tour. You don’t have to do anything wrong for a lawsuit to put you out of business. Liability insurance protects you and gives you the benefit of insurance company lawyers when something happens at your site.

This insurance also covers you under liquor liability laws which could make you vulnerable to a lawsuit if someone leaves your taproom or establishment drunk and gets behind the wheel of a car.

Learn more about liability insurance.

Special Events Insurance

For the brewer who does catering, attends tradeshows or beer fests with tasting booths, has special events in their taprooms, or who might have other situations outside of the normal course of doing business.

Coverage for Mishaps

A lot can go wrong when you’re making and selling beer. We’ve seen beer get contaminated, spilled or destroyed in transit, and in-brewery accidents that leave product all over the floor. Make sure your business can keep running when it encounters the unexpected.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Did you know a standard personal auto insurance policy is not designed to cover you or your employees if you get into an accident while you’re on company business, even if you’re just running to the bank? Fortunately, commercial auto insurance has higher coverage limits, making it suitable for company cars, fleet trucks that transport your beer, and more.

Learn more about commercial auto insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance

A necessity for brewers working in the state of California. If workers get hurt in your beer brewery business, this insurance covers their lost wages and medical bills, while protecting you from personal injury lawsuits that could cost millions.

Learn more about workers compensation insurance.

Health Insurance

Provide your taproom employees with top-notch health insurance to increase productivity and employee loyalty. The law requires breweries with 50 or more full-time employees to provide this coverage.

We have multiple benefits plans that can help you. You can ensure the owners alone, or everyone in your company, and we can help you find the right plan for you regardless of the number of employees in your organization.

Learn more about employee health insurance.

Employment Practices Liability

You may think your employees are all happy and part of the business family, but anyone can make a bad hire. Any at-work relationship can fail. Any employee can become disgruntled over being passed over for a promotion or being terminated. Any of these events can leave you wide open for an employment practices liability claim. Sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination claims often seem to come out of nowhere.

Cyber Liability

You don’t have to run a computer company to care about data safety. Small breweries can be the victim of hackers who steal customer credit card data, or the personal data of your employees. When that happens, you can get sued. This policy covers you when that happens. It also covers you if your brewery gets attacked by ransomware or other hacker schemes.

We help your brewery stay prepared for anything.

We work with all of the major carriers who have brewery specific programs, and cover Northern and Central California including but not limited to Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, Auburn, Roseville, Rocklin, Redding, Fresno, Santa Cruz, Eureka, Yuba City, Marysville, Santa Rosa, San Jose, Redwood City, and Oakland.

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Plenty of insurance agents are more than happy to conduct business over the phone without ever having to leave their office. Do they actually know what your business looks like inside and out? Your premium should buy you more than a stack of paper in the mail or a large computer file via email. Demand more, because you have options.

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  • Loss prevention services
  • Online HR website access
  • In-person consultation and renewals
  • Quick turnaround on certificates of insurance

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